Bells, Balls, & Bars (45 Minutes)

Break out the Kettle BELLS, Medicine BALLS, and Weighted BARS and slam, swing, lift, and throw yourself into fitness. This 45 minute Fitness Blast will challenge every part of your body.

Core, Core, Core (30 Minutes)

Some day you want to just get the ultimate core routine and not let the abs breathe, this is it. We will utilize every inch of the room and every apparatus we can throw at your core to challenge the abs like they have never been challenged before.

Cross Training 101 (45 Minutes)

A full body challenge that will have you all over the gym. We are breaking down the confines of the room, so we can expand the challenges to everyone. The only way to get stronger is to break routine and challenge yourself.

Flexibility, Mobility, Recovery (30 Minutes)

This class will combine the use of the foam roller with basic yoga poses and myofasical stretching/release to work through the entire body. The goal is to increase mobility and flexibility throughout the body, as well as teach you ways to do it yourself to hit those problem areas.

Push, Pull, Lift (45 Minutes)

Utilizing the three main movement patterns of human kinetics. Every exercise demands multiple joint, full body movements. Push, Pull, and Lift your way to a stronger you!

Sizzle Blast (45 Minutes)

Timed Intense interval bouts of Cardio, Strength training, and Core work to challenge one’s fitness level. Each circuit is designed to increase aerobic and anaerobic capacity via working at and above threshold. Burn calories and improve your fitness each round.

Sprint Cardio Blast (30 Minutes)

Run, Step, climb your way to anaerobic fitness. Anaerobic 101, short interval high intensity cardio bursts throughout the gym. We will utilize varying modes to challenge the heart at maximal levels.


Team Training (60 Minutes)

Pick your trainer and pick your goal. It is about accomplishing a goal as a team, and we want to give you the avanues to step out of your comfort zone and accomplish those goals.

TRX Leg Blasts (45 Minutes)

If you are ready to challenge your legs up and down, and all over the gym, this is it. Utilizing the TRX and your body be prepared to tone, strengthen, and work legs from start to finish.

TRX Row (45 Minutes)

A great combination of aerobic and strength training. Mixing it up between the Concept2 Rowers and the TRX straps. The next 45 minutes will challenge you mentally and physically.

TRX Stability (30 Minutes)

A Fitness Blast that utilizes the TRX straps and the Bosu Ball for a full body challenge, every move incorporates the core and challenges the mind to focus.

Wild Card Finess Blast (45 Minutes)

Wild Card Fitness means be prepared fo anything and everything. Nothing is off limits; the only guarantee is you will leave with a workout that leaves no stone upturned.

Spardio (45 Minutes)

Want to train like a fighter and drive yourself to new fitness levels? This workout is designed around the “bell”, how many rounds you can last. Every exercise is designed to focus you on the fight and train every part of your body to push past exhaustion. You will have the opportunity to hit the bag and spar with your instructor as you fight your way to fitness.

Stable to be Able (45 Minutes)

As we become more experienced in years out stability and balance are one of the first things to go. This Blast is designed for those 65 and older OR for anyone that feels they are starting to lose that stability in life of two grounded feet. Come work on balance and core and improve your stability and confidence.


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