To get the Power 10 Fitness App

Apple iOS

  1. Open the App Store App

  2. Press Search

  3. Type in the box “Power 10 fitness”

  4. Press Install


  1. Open the Play Store App

  2. Type “Power 10 fitness” in the search box

  3. Press install

 How to make an account in the  Power 10 Fitness app

  1. Open our Power 10 Fitness App

  2. Press My Account

  3. Press the ☰ in to top left

  4. Press the Login option

  5. Press Register

  6. You need to fill out all their information with their desired username and password. Please make sure the email you use is the same you signed up with to link to your account.

  7. Press Register

How to make an account online

  1. Go to

  2. Click on Login

  3. Follow the instructions above.